September 25th, 2021 @ 12:03pm

For new hospital admits/consults please contact:
Dr. YeraPaez
Dr. Travis and Bradley Glenn cover their own patients.

PriorityResponse neededUseIf no response x3
Urgent/STAT<5 minutesCell or pageChain of command escalation
Routine5-30 minutesPage or chatCell first, then escalation
FYI>30 minutesSecure chat'Dear Dr' note or page
Team assignments:
night (6pm-7am) | Dr. Ogues Attempt #
admitter (12pm-8pm) | Dr. YeraPaez Attempt #
swing (3pm-11pm) | Dr. Odonovan Attempt #
team1 (7am-6pm) | Dr. KarakalpakisG Attempt #
team2 (7am-6pm) | Dr. Novoselsky Attempt #
team3 (7am-6pm) | Dr. Mounir Attempt #
team4 (7am-6pm) | Dr. Giammanco Attempt #
team5 (7am-6pm) | Dr. Bulatovic Attempt #
team6 (7am-6pm) | Dr. Calderon Attempt #
team9 (7am-6pm) | Atkinson_NP Attempt #
HMK (7am-7pm) | Dr. Bulatovic Attempt #
GlennFM1 (24/7) | Dr. Travis Glenn Attempt #
GlennFM2 (24/7) | Dr. Bradley Glenn Attempt #

This month's schedule

If no response after reasonable attempts, call Dr. Novoselsky cell 718-759-7001