KPHC Monthly Newsletter – April 2018

5.12.2018 – Epic 2017 Go-Live!
“Sandbox” available end-of-April

Epic 2017 timeline

    • January-April 2018 – testing and validation


  • End-of-April – “sandbox” available for all users
  • 5.12.2018


    • Downtime 12am-6am
    • New system up at 6am
  • 5.12-5.17
    • Go live “command center” open
    • Each floor has extra support staff
    • Physician “rapid response” team
  • Post-5.17.18
    • Return to regular support schedule

Important changes in Epic 2017

    • CareEverywhere is integrated with Chart Review
    • Unified search for individual orders and ordersets
    • Ability to save “My Versions” of panels (e.g. ECHO)
    • Ability to create favorite DC medications
    • Improved discharge medication reconciliation
    • Updated layout of after-visit summary (patient’s instructions)
    • New look and feels



Content updates – April 2018

    • Updated MHS HBS Glycemic Control to match policy
    • Added system-wide smartphrases:



  • Uptodate transition to a different license model
    • Contact support if unable to login to Uptodate

Future releases

  • Pneumococcal vaccination protocol is delayed due to complexity, need for additional nursing education
    Estimated release Spring 2018
  • Faxitron use in OR
  • Updates to Code Stroke and Rapid response ordersets
  • Revision to initiate/discontinue cardiac monitor orders
  • Auto-expiration date of IV opioids
  • MHS GenSurg post-op
  • MHS Aspirin Desensitization
  • MHS PEDS NICU Sick Newborn

Ongoing projects

  • SureScripts rollout (e-prescribing/electronic rx history) – June 30th, 2018
  • Protocol-driven XR/US studies – H1 2018

Known Issues

  • Known trouble with Citrix Receiver v 4.11 when accessing epic from
    • Uninstall version 4.11 and download Citrix Receiver 4.10.1 (search for Citrix Receiver in Google)

Did you know?

  • MEWS (Modified Early Warning Score) had been shown to predict patient deterioration
  • Hospital is finalizing policy on Rapid Response and physician notification based on MEWS
  • MEWS will be found in Rounding Accordion, flowsheets and as a column in patient lists

PDF: MHS KPHC Monthly Newsletter April 2018

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