๐Ÿ›  – Sepsis Ordersets (IP/ED) (2-13-2019)

Update to Sepsis ordersets for ED and Inpatients
1. Updated antibiotic section to reflect increasing resistance to Pip/Tazo
2. Help identify patients who require 30ml/kg fluid resuscitation
3. Additional instruction for RN to repeat Lactic Acid if not done

MHS Fever Severe Sepsis ED [10443]
MHS Sepsis/Septic Shock IP [10307]

Use of Meropenem+Vanco for life-threatening sepsis and septic shock due to increased Ps. Aeruginosa resistance to Pip/Tazo and prevalence of ESBL (+) GNB

Evidence-based selection when fluid resuscitation is indicated

Additional instructions for RN to call lab if repeat lactic acid is not done

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