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Website info updated on 06/17/18

If you would like to join our team, please email Medical Director Dr. Novoselsky from contact head of HR Nan Amaral at (808) 242 4267.

Our team

Dr. Zora Bulatovic
Dr. Ryan Brown
Dr. Melody Jayne
Dr. Anna Hom
Dr. Alex Divin
Dr. Deyaa Mounir
Dr. Constantin Novoselsky
Dr. Alan Odonovan
Dr. Lorene Siaw
Dr. Josh Farrell-Starbuck
Dr. Edgar Trevono
Locum tenens
Dr. Raymond Giammanco
We are part of Maui Medical Group.

Now is June 18th, 2018 @ 05:04am

For new admits/consults and cross coverage, please contact: Dr. Jayne (872-5150)
Triage pager: 872-5546

Team assignments:
night (6pm-7am) | Dr. Jayne (872-5150)
swing (2pm-10pm) | Dr. Odonovan (872-5156)
team1 (7am-6pm) | Dr. KarakalpakisG (872-5061)
team2 (7am-6pm) | Dr. Noor
team3 (7am-6pm) | Dr. Bulatovic (872-5187)
team4 (7am-6pm) | Dr. KarakalpakisY (872-5077)
team5 (7am-6pm) | Dr. Siaw (872-5445)

This month's schedule