Orderset Updates 10/30/2019

🔥 New: MHS HBS Hemorrhagic Stroke IP

🛠️ Revised: MHS HBS Ischemic Stroke TIA IP
– Fix dysphagia evaluation
– Add speech therapy
– Add reminder for DAPT in high-risk TIA/minor stroke

🛠️ Revised: MHS Imaging Assisted Biopsy Aspiration Drainage IP
– adding GRAM stain to existing “BODY FLUID” culture orders

🛠️ Revised: MHS HBS Cardiac Testing IP
– NM replaced with the correct MHS order
– removed duplicate indications for stress test

🚧 Work-in-progress
– Revised MHS HBS Admission Observation 2019
– New MHS Acute and Chronic Hyponatremia
– Revised MHS Major Trauma ED
– Revised MHS HBS CHF
– Revised MHS HBS ACS
– Revised Therapeutic Hypothermia

🈸 Requests
– OBGYN and Ortho ordersets